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IT Coverage and Expertise

Pinesol Consulting Systems provides all the benefits of in-house IT service and support without the overhead.

Businesses rely on technology and are finding it more difficult, or simply do not have the resources to hire, train and maintain a highly experienced staff of technology professionals.

Pinesol Consulting, with its team of consultants, fills our clients' resource gap and ensures that their business needs and objectives are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We become a client’s virtual IT department.

Our comprehensive approach combines solid project leadership with an understanding of each client’s needs to tailor rapidly changing technologies for reliable and timely solutions.

Our technological services and capabilities begin with systems analysis and design, and continue throughout implementation, integration and ongoing strategic support.

Efficient and cost effective, We provide your firm with the expertise and strategic partnership to make certain that your network systems are aligned with your business needs.

With Pinesol Consulting Systems you get:

  • No long-term staffing commitments
  • Benefit of in-house IT service without the overhead
  • On-demand skill set
  • Help with large deployments
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Expertise to plan your migration to new technologies


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